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A blessing to experience life through body with spirit at helm

Spirituality is a broad and sometimes misunderstood term.  Spirituality is not a religion  but a recognition of the human soul. This could also be to recognize the spiritual aspects of the human.   There is little proof of  what a human spirit  looks or seems to appear to be.  However, Humans do know  they exist with in their bodies.   Humanity has been blessed by the universe  to experience life through our  body with our spirit at the helm.
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The human spirit is the YOU inside of your body

The human spirit  or soul is the  YOU inside of your body,  and YOU are obviously much more than a body.  You are a unique soul,  no other soul on the entire planet or  through out the universe is exactly like you,  you are the only you there is.   Spirituality is to care about YOU,  to allow yourself to be peaceful and  of sound mind,  body and soul.  

The inner moral compass is something that we are born with.

Following your inner moral compass is as simple as listening to yourself.  We often ignore what we already know to be true,  mainly because we don't always like the answers.  This is common in most people, but generally,  most people do follow their inner moral compass.   The inner moral compass is something that we are born with. Your moral compass provides you with a sense  of what is going to be a good or positive reaction. The moral compass also provides information  from a bad or negative reaction  to the things we do in life.  From our experiences we make choices and decisions  as to the more solid or safe directions to take.   Humans have the ability to make the right  choices during difficult moments in life.   Our moral compass is there inside of us, just listen.

Time to reach out to each other and celebrate our common grounds

There are a lot of similarities between people who are spiritual. Love each other, care about each other,  look out for each other, respect each other. Being spiritual is to  embrace the spirit within. We are born with a body of  flesh and our essence,  soul or spirit enters  it when we develop. People share many common grounds. These are love, peace, harmony,  integrity, honor, kindness, sharing  and many more too numerous to mention. Letting go of indifference and embracing our  common grounds is the forward direction. Spirituality is about loving each other. Time to reach out to each other and  celebrate our common grounds.